Saturday, December 22, 2007


Author: Zess the Treehuggers
Placed by: Oldtimer Snake
Placement date: 12/20/2007
Location: Vaill Point Park, St. Augustine, FL
Hike length: approx. 0.2 miles

This box is part of a series of letterboxes we are hoping to have planted in all 50 states and also abroad! The series is meant to tell people about our fun group of folks, the Grateful Letterboxers, who enjoy being in touch with a community of letterboxers. You need only be grateful for something in your life to join in! Follow this link, or, in AtlasQuest do a box name search for “grateful letterbox” and you’ll find a list of our boxes. Most clue pages have a link to our Atlas Queset group where you can learn more and join us! This box, complete with New England fall foliage, is traveling south with Oldtimer Snake to find a Florida home. We are forever grateful for having Oldtimer Snake and Omi Worm in our lives. Zess, the Treehuggers

The Blooming like a Red Rose box is located in Vaill Point Park, St. Augustine, Florida. Vaill Point Road which leads to the park is off Rt. 1. It is 4.6 miles north of Rt 206 and 3.1 miles south of Rt. 312. The road only goes east from Rt. 1 and it is the road next to Moultrie Creek. Turn onto Vaill Point Road and drive straight 0.8 miles to Vaill Point Park – the entrance is a lean to the left.

After parking in the lot just inside the entrance find the nearby West trail into the woods. It is opposite the East trail which is across the clearing near the playground. As you follow the paved trail, take a right at the first fork, then a right at the next fork. Cross the footbridge. Soon you come to the cross trail.
Turn left. Just before the next fork to the left is a lonely tree. Before arriving at this tree turn left facing the woods. The dead tree which is hiding the box is wasting away so it is hard to see from the trail, but from your position just an arms length from the lonely tree you are approximately 20 yards from teh box. Walk sort of straight ahead, taking the easiest pathway, and after approximately 20 yards you will see the box tucked in at the deteriorating dead tree base.

It is a very small park and set of trails in the woods and there may be fellow visitors who will wonder why you have gone off the trail, but you know how to protect letterboxes. There is not too much growth around the box location, but as with any park area in Florida, keep alert for snakes, spiders, poison ivy, stuff like that. There was no trouble placing the box in December. Should be alright in the summer as well.

To see more of the park, continue on at the last described fork. If you go left you will get to the long, fishing pier and floating dock at Moultrie Creek and if you go right you will find a picnic area and a scenic overlook on the Intercoastal Waterway, depending on other forks taken.

The Blooming like a Red Rose box contains only the stamp and log book. Please provide your own ink pad and pen. Please be sure to reseal baggies and the box so they stay dry and tuck it back behind the log hidden from casual view. Please enjoy the park and the adventure.

As with all of our letterboxes, we encourage feedback so that letterboxers will enjoy the hunts, and not get frustrated by poorly written clues or unintended hazards.

NOTE: Before you set out you must read and agree to the Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer.

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