Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Grateful Letterbox: Singing for The Merry Pranksters (CHEAT)

*** NOVEMBER 23, 2010: 4 boxes are missing, so this series is temporarily unavailable; I'm in the process of recarving & will re-launch when ready***

1. (Are You) On the Bus

Pass behind sign, through thorns, to fallen tree with enormous root system pulled up. Make your way to the northwest end of the tree. Look south down the tree, toward the roots, and notice the obvious LB-friendly hole ~ 10 feet ahead. Guess what? Time to board the bus!

2. Steal Your Face

Return to kiosk and head North up the paved road.
Turn to the left on a gravel road/path.
Continue until you come to an intersection with the lake on your right.
Continue straight. Pass by a blank signboard, continuing straight again. (**10/18/07: I'm told the signboard is not blank at this time**)
Will see an old road/path go off to the left—pass it, continuing straight along the lake.
You will walk & walk and eventually the road will take a big bend to the left. You’ll pass an old boat launch & a mighty oak, and the road will bend to the right and pass an old telephone pole lost to the jungle. Next is an intersection, and you will go LEFT. Count 30 steps once you take this turn, and look to the left of the path. You may be able to see an old cart path heading up the hill. If you cannot see it, head in anyway and find it. Follow the cart path to the top, just before it turns to the right and disappears, and stop. Spot the “face” in the base of the oak tree on the left. With your back to this face, you’ll need to split firewood to find a stolen face on the other side of the cart path.

Go back to the trail you just left (where you first looked for the cart path), and turn LEFT to continue up this road. You will come around the bend and the road will straighten out. Keep yours eyes to the left & you’ll know why we asked you to take a flashlight. Explore.

3. Ain’t No Time To Hate **** March 22, 2009: missing! ****

After exploring, continue on path.
At lake, turn Right toward where you came from
At blank signpost, turn Right
Head uphill, and ~1/3 of the way up keep your eye out for a small trail to the left into field. Take that trail.
Stay to the right as it merges with another small field trail.
Look for two small Christmas trees on the left of the trail.
Under one of the trees, find a rock with a surprise.

4. Sunshine, Daydream

Continue on this path amongst the wildflowers.
Ignore the small trail that goes off to the left (if you even see it) and travel until the trail dead-ends.
Turn left here. Find the sign for “Rt. 135”
Head the way it tells you (north)
Long straight road north. Eventually you’ll see a split boulder on top of bedrock cluster
Just after this, find the path to the right, and follow it until you see the pond on your left.
Locate the 4-trunked birch tree. With your back to this tree, spot the tree with the blue tie.
Between you and this blue tie are two resting boulders.
Look behind the boulder on your left for a little Sunshine & Daydreams.

5. The Leader of the Band **** March 22, 2009: missing! ****

Go back to the path that had the split boulder, and turn right.
You will be traveling around the pond, so when you hit the trail intersection, go right (toward the sand pit, says the sign).
Stay on this trail as it passes the pond and heads down, through a pine grove and across a BOARDWALK (remember the story, Pranksters?)
Turn Right (northeast)
Stay right (gravel pit on left)
Signboard “airfield”
Go southeast (120 degrees)
Pass corn on right
Under phone lines
Go left (northeast) toward stand of pines
Go right (east/northeast)
- What are these earthen dams on left?
At end of pines, turn right and pause. This is a serenity spot, so take a moment.
Head downhill, south, toward shack
Find the entryway through the brush by heading toward the pine closest to the road. You’ll go in the shack on the road-side.
Spot the metal shelving in the southwest corner (with splash of red paint).
Look under the bottom shelf for the Leader of the Band.

6. The Music Never Stopped

Continue down road, then right (west) at lake
(You will follow paths along lakeshore all the way back to where you started)
Pass Pump house on left
Pass “Steal your face” path on right
Keep watch for a hill on the left that rises up along the lake, blocking your view of the water.
Find your way up the hill, and head to the farthest point toward the water.
Notice the camping tarp on ground.
Stand by the largest tree touching a corner of the tarp, and face North.
Take 16 steps to a tree missing it’s arm on one side.
Reach into the empty socket & know that The Music Never Stopped.

7. Nothing left to do but SMILE, SMILE, SMILE (Leap from Ledges)

Return to road & continue.
Pass a familiar signboard.
At a fork, take smaller path to left, over mini hill, to the “beach” at 140 degrees
Hello, beach
Head straight along lake toward fenced-in pump
Take the small trail up the hill.
Navigate over & around small trees on trail until you see a boulder wall.
Sit on first boulder you come to, facing the water, and reach under boulder with your right hand.
Find the rock that rests there.
Lift the rock to see that there’s Nothing left to do but SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!

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