Sunday, May 20, 2007

Duck Duck ( had to be done)

**** Take along your own ink...there is none in the box. Blue, yellow, brown, & black****
***Please be sure all four flaps of the box are secure, and there is nothing blocking the seal***

Duck Town Park

There is a lot of great letterboxing to be done in the Outer Banks of North Carolina; we only wish we had enough time to search for more boxes! But, during our second visit to Duck, we decided that a Duck Duck just had to be done, so we did it. This is a quick drive-by.

At the time we first visited, this park was under construction. A brand new piece of playground equipment had been put up, where our children enjoyed playing during our final morning in Duck. A lot has been added to the park since our first visit, but construction is ongoing. This is a fabulous addition to the town of Duck!

The letterbox is in the Duck Town Park, at the location of the playground, which is on Rt. 12. just north of the Osprey Landing shops. It is the gravel entrance, and you can see the playground from the road.

Drive into the park, past the playground, toward the Sound. Notice on your left, behind the small fence bordering the parking area, a small incline. There is an unmistakable tree there that has a large branch that has grown up, then down into the ground, and then back out again, creating an arch. Behind the arch, at it's base and under brush, is the box. Please be sure to re-cover w/lots & lots of brush, to be sure the box is not visible.

Please be discreet—this is a busy area. Since we are out-of-towners, we’d appreciate any help with updates and maintenance of this box…until we return for another visit.

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Enjoy the day!



Anonymous said...

We are so proud to be the first to find this letter box! We drove by this playground and the kids wanted to stop. We were so excited to be able to combine finding the letter box with some playtime on a great playground! Thanks from the Hammond Family - Spring Mount, PA!

Anonymous said...

Hey there: I just wanted to let you know we just got back froma beautiful week in Duck. Unfortunatly they are still working on that town park (worth a visit anyway) but the "arched" tree is still there but all the bush and and small stuff is gone - just a few trees left in the fenced box. Hope you can visit there again and plant a new box.

The three little Washers - Fletcher(8hours to far west of OBX), NC

Eternity said...

Great work.